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MUNICIPAL UTILITY BOARD / CITY OF PRYOR CREEK: Proudly Serving Our Community With Excellence And Professionalism.

The Municipal Utility Board was created by charter, adopted and approved by the City of Pryor Creek, Mayes County, Oklahoma, on 30 January 1951, under the authority of the Constitution and Laws of the State of Oklahoma.

The Municipal Utility Board has the care, custody, and management of the existing electrical system, water system, gas distribution, street lighting system, and sewage disposal plant, sewage collection system and may enlarge and extend them as necessity therefore arises, except as prohibited by law. It shall have under its control the complete operation of these utilities and such other utilities that City of Pryor Creek may acquire.

The Municipal Utility Board shall be operated for the general welfare, safety, and health of the City of Pryor Creek and the citizens thereof through the furnishing of adequate water, gas, sewer, and electrical service, and such other public service as may be placed upon it for public and private uses; thereby providing a reasonable profit to furnish revenue for the operation of other governmental and administrative functions of the City of Pryor Creek.

MUB Board Of Directors

On March 1, 1951, the Original Municipal Utility Board, composed of Dr. Paul Cameron, Mr. V.C. Allen, Mr. Ellis Jones, Mr. O.J. Borum, and Mr. Richard Medlock took possession of the Electric System from Public Service Company and assumed jurisdiction and operation of all Municipal Utilities (natural gas, water, and sanitary sewer systems) within the city.

Since that March 1, 1951, many of the most highly educated and respected citizens of the Community have served with dedication on the Municipal Utility Board, and to all of them we owe a debt of gratitude.

Record of Board Members
updated 2023 06 07

Current Board Members

Member Term Term Expires
Garry J. Harris (re-elected 2/7/2022) (Chairman) 5 Years June 30, 2027
Lorri Mitchell (elected 2/7/2022) (Vice-Chairman) 5 Years June 30, 2029
Dr. Ken Rains (elected 2/7/2022) (Secretary) 5 Years June 30, 2026
Arthur L. Sixkiller (Board Member) 5 Years June 30, 2025
Mark Roberts (Board Member) 5 Years June 30, 2028

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