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Frequently asked questions:


  • When is my bill due? 
    All bills are due from the 1st to the 10th. Payments received after the 10th will be charged a 5% penalty. Service may be disconnected if not paid by the 15th.
  • What happens if my service is disconnected?
    a.) If service is disconnected for non-payment, a $50.00 delinquent deposit will be required in addition to the amount of the delinquent bill before service is restored and a $20.00 reconnect fee will be required, during regular business hours. b.) If all services are disconnected for non-payment, the entire balance must be paid in full prior to re-connection of service.  Note: There are no after hours service available.
  • What are my options for making payments?
    You may make payments within the office or through the drive through at 12 North Rowe Street, Suite A. between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. Monday – Friday.  You may also use the depository on the south side of the building for after hours, weekend or holiday payments. The Municipal Utility Board accepts: Cash, Check, Money Order, Cashier’s Check as well as Credit and Debit Cards. Note: when paying with Credit or Debit cards there is a convenience fee in addition to your utility payment. Go here to make electronic payments.
  • What days will my trash be picked up?
    MUB is the billing agent only. For any service inquiries, please call 918-825-0026.
  • What can I do if I believe there has been an error on my bill?
    If you believe a mistake has been made, please call our office at (918) 825-2100.
  • What do I need to do if I move out of the City of Pryor Creek city limits?
    When you move, it is your responsibility to advise the Municipal Utility Board of the date on which you wish services to be disconnected. Payment of bills continues to be your obligation until the Municipal Utility Board has received notification. This may be done in person, at the Municipal Utility Board office 12 North Rowe, Suite A, or by phone at (918) 825-2100.
  • How can I find information on current rates?
    Information on all rates is available at the office on request or go here.
  • What services are taxes collected on?
    Sales Tax collected on gas and electricity only.
  • When will my account Auto-Draft by?
    All Auto-drafts occur on the 10th of the month. (Excluding holidays & weekends)
    Note:  Enroll by the 6th –> Account will be pre-noted on the 10th of that month –> Account will auto-draft on the 10th of the following month. 
  • How do I sign up for Auto-Draft?
    Sign up for auto-draft by the 8th of the month and your account will be pre-noted on the 10th of that month.  The Utility Account will Auto-draft on the 10th day of the following month. Use this form and include a voided check or a letter from your banking institution.
  • I am planning a major project on my property, what do I do first?
    Contact the  Community Development Team at 918-825-1679 for information about requirements or go here to view City Codes – Building Codes.

    Also note: Digging without knowing where underground lines are, even by homeowners, can cause disruption to vital services, costly repairs and environmental damages. Even worse, it could cause personal injury or loss of life. The first step in keeping unfortunate incidents from happening is to contact OKIE811 by putting in a locate request.